Mindfulness 101 –

Developing a personal practice

Want to get involved with a mindfulness practice that you can take with you; one that deals with stress, wherever you go?  Do you dream about getting in touch with your personal“superpowers” and are looking for ways to access them?  Do you just want to be, a human being, rather than a human doing?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above or just want to learn a new approach to living, you have arrived at the right place.

Join us!

If you are new to mindfulness or meditation, this is the class for you.  Each week you will practice, interact and go home with something.

Meeting Details:  75-minute class, weekly.  Check out the map below and the schedule for more information.

Sample Agenda:

Beginning Topic
Week 1 Basics, Sitting, Breathing, Moving
Week 2 Obstacles, Time, Kids, Job
Week 3 Present, Future, Past, Judgements
Week 4 Acceptance and Commitments
Week 5 Cleaning, Wipe on, Wipe off, Reboot
Week 6 Silent, Listen, Speak, Intention
Week 7 Self-Care, Self-talk, Mirroring
Week 8 Letting-Go, Move a Muscle, Change

The Center for Wellbeing is located at The Congregational Church of Manhasset.

The Eight Week Group Experience

Join our group of caring and sharing individuals that practice in a mindful way.  You will develop your wisdom and compassion, as a person who has a sustained mindfulness practice.

This 8-week programs offer so many the tools needed to actively live and love and handle its emotional stresses,  The focus of these two programs is health & wellness. Modeled on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) the series will help unhook individuals from negative thinking and acting out behaviors.

Participants learn the neuroscience of mindfulness and then apply mindfulness techniques in class, at home or work, to deal with everyday stress or emotional triggers, that might otherwise hook us into behaviors or actions that we might regret later.

  • Engage in community and enjoy this experiential education.
  • Discover the connection between the mind and body.
  • Improve self-regulation, moods, sleep, well-being and memory and cognitive function.
  • Reduce stress, regulate your brain’s ‘fight or flight’ conditioning to make better decisions.

This program helps you build “mental muscles” and strengthen a sustained personal practice.  You will find comfort in the community with like people who share your interest to go deep, explore, and discuss the science, spirituality and philosophy behind mindfulness.

Each class is 75+ minutes, with lectures, readings, videos, mobile app. experiential and group learning.

June 2017 Participant Comments:

  • “This workshop introduced me to very valuable information. I learned life lessons and practices in this class. The pricing was very fair.”
  • “It was worth the time and money because the benefits can last a lifetime. I found the emailed follow-ups very valuable. I appreciated being able to go over the material again.”
  • “This workshop was a wonderful introduction. It taught me numerous ways to begin and continue with a formal meditation practice. Also, I learned some techniques to use when feeling particularly stressed.”

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