Work Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention 

Our Mindfulness-Based Recovery programs can be used by individuals independently, or as an adjunct to an outpatient program, to foster health, wellness, and self-directed living. We connect individuals with their goals, collaborate with them to help them to increase awareness of values and provide tools to connect and enhance awareness.  We do this in two ways: mindfulness practice and self-reflection to recognize and choose behaviors and outcome.  If you are just starting on the road to recovery these programs can help you make a difference in your life.

What really causes addiction?  Is it the drug, or the lack of connection, bonding? What if you found that almost everything we know about addiction is wrong?  What if our thoughts and feelings and the opportunity to bond and connect was the key?  By connecting our insides with our outsides, we find ourselves better able to connect with others to show them who we are

Ongoing practice helps build mental muscles for more awareness of the gift of the moment, the “present”.  This opens up a broader range of experiences, sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Observing and not controlling an experience: neither “clinging to” nor avoiding aspects of an experience, individuals gain recognition, acceptance, insight and nurturing.  This provides the opportunity to make different choices, let go of situations, thoughts and old patterns of behavior that no longer work. 

With self-reflection, individuals go on a journey of self-exploration that includes personal values; taking account of situations; reviewing thoughts, feelings, and actions; and exploring options and priorities. Various tools and processes encourage acceptance, rather than struggle with experiences and situations. Individuals continually come back to grounding their motivations and life direction to their personal values. We explore values as they impact lives in various ways (emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, relationships, etc.)

We help shift actions from old behaviors that no longer serve you, to a life that is motivated by what your values are: the what that is fundamentally important and meaningful to health, wellness, self-directed living 

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