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MIndfulness for Kids

Wild and crazy bullies! They just won’t sit still! Can kids be taught to be more mindful, to hear, think, be present to what is? Mindfulness, we hear, is good for adults, and it is great for kids too. Mindfulness allows children to improve their abilities to pay attention, stay calm and improve their decision-making skills. Kids are able to

Find Nothing with Mindfulness

Mindfully – Recovering from Trauma

Who amongst us has not had a terrible response to a situation?  It may be something simple, from when you were a kid.  When mommy and daddy left you to go to the bathroom.  Or, it could have been your average television show, where you watch a person, who gets killed, with a knife to the throat, and you watched

Practice P.E.A.C.E.

Mindfulness, Fights and Challenges

Mindfulness – Riding the Wave

Physical Mindfulness

Physically and Environmentally Mindful The physical environments we live in can help us to get more focused and enable us to practice mindfulness.  By using the concept of Feng Shui, leveraging the elements of fire, water, earth, air, color, texture, and sound, we can create sacred interiors.  With mindfulness practice we focus on the physical environment, sensations in

Don’t Get Hooked – Work Mindfulness

Don’t get hooked by a wandering mind. When we are sleepwalking, not focused, not paying attention, our mind can wander to thoughts of the past, anxieties of the future and negativity about what we can or can’t do.  When this happens we can get hooked, triggered or caught up in problems, insecurities, delusion. By working mindfulness, we have the opportunity to

Today’s Mindful Leadership

Over 2,500 years old in heritage, we now see the science of mindfulness practices used by a new generation of leaders that are turning it into a cutting-edge leadership tool. Leaders are not to be confused with managers. Leaders lead by inspiring others with vision, compassion, rigor, values, and principles that many wish to follow. Good leaders can more easily

Starbucks, Mindfulness & Engagement

Transform, Integrate,Practice

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