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Mindfulness & Resilience

Interfaith Video – Written & Directed by Keith Fiveson

What is your path and is there any path that is the only path?  My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?  

5 Tips to cool yourself with mindfulness

Our Relationship Garden

Some Awe to Transform YOUR life

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing us back to the moment, to experience the awesome moment of the now.  Lani Shiota, an associate professor at Arizona State University, argues that awe is a fundamental part of being human—making our bodies and minds more receptive to new information, new experiences, and life’s deeper meaning.  Breathing, deep breathing, good images, thoughts, smiling,

Mindfulness Based Recovery Coaching (MBRC)

Mindfulness and Addiction

Mindfulness involves two key components: Awareness and acceptance.  You may not be aware of your feelings, your thoughts and not want to examine them or accept them. You might further find that drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, binge-watching TV or surfing the Internet become your way to find comfort and escape.  At first, it’s great but then turns into problems that

Mindfulness for Relapse Prevention?

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Mindlessess Internet Abuse (MIA)

More and more we hear, read and see Mindless Internet Activity (MIA).  It has kids, individuals, couples and families MIA in relationships.  Caring and loving relationships need support and care. But what if they are MIA?  Can issues that need to be addressed be fixed if you don’t know they
lost in translation

Mindfulness – Lost In Translation

Formal and Informal Practices

Formal and Informal Practices

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