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The Center for Wellbeing provides a platform for all faiths and paths to be expressed for our community.  Our focus is on health, wellness, peace and happiness for all.  We celebrate Health, Wellness & Wellbeing.

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Noontime – “Mindfulness: without Losing Your Mind” w/Rev. Keith Grady Fiveson – FREE


Strengthening Energy & Resilience offers insight and guidance to keep your body, mind, and energy (Chi) flowing.  Ongoing series for young and old alike. FREE

Morning Prayer & Meditation – w/various Ministers – FREE

Your Environment NOW – Join Dr. Hildur Palsdottir, President of the Board of Trustees for the Science Museum of Long Island FREE

10am – 11am

BIBLE STUDY GROUP  – Upper Room Meditations – Thursdays from 10:am to 11; am. – FREE

11:00 – 11:40

EAT Well – No CRAZY Nancy’s Nourishing Kitchen Discussion FREE 


Mindfulness education for teens and adults -with Cathy Riva – FREE

Your Environment NOW   

Join Dr. Hildur Palsdottir, President of the Board of Trustees for the Science Museum of Long Island and the co-founder of ReWild Long Island. ReWild pioneers restore habitats for local wildlife with native plants and trees replacing the “perfect lawn.” Hildur enjoys guiding mindful nature walks for all ages.  For more info see the websites below:

Join at 10:00 am on Wednesday

50/50 Relationships - Vulnerability

by Brene' Brown

UCC Manhasset Invites You

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 “Mindfulness: Without Losing Your Mind”

Rev. Keith Grady Fiveson is the founder of Work Mindfulness Project, a New Seminary Interfaith Minister, an ex-corporate consultant, yoga teacher, and authoring a new book entitled “Mindfulness: Without Losing Your Mind,”.  Keith leads the ongoing Mindfulness discussion| practice group on developing your awareness for your breath, body, thoughts and emotions/sensations, to be more present, and less “freaked out”.

Join at 12 noon Monday

Finding Your Inner Calm

Join Cathy Riva Bloomgarden, a well-known mindfulness educator for Mission Be, will use meditation and group exercises to teach us how to find balance, peace and happiness in an increasingly stressful world. Resource guides will be available upon request.

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Friday Morning at 10am
Meeting ID: 373 650 035




Nancy Ferraris, a celebrated chef, trainer and innovator of Nancy’s Nourishing Kitchen is a fitness enthusiast and Natural Foods Chef, trained in health-supportive cooking.  A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, she offers leadership in health-supportive culinary cuisine.

Join at 11:000

Interfaith Morning Prayer & Meditation:

During this period you will hear scripture from multiple faith paths, and then be guided into a meditation period.

Morning service will be guided by a variety of Ministers and Reverends.  

Morning Prayers and Meditation

Join at 8:30 am on Wednesday

Rev. Jimmy Only, Interview

Episodes 1

On Wednesday, April 8, at 3 PM, join Rev. Keith Fiveson for an interview and in-depth conversation with Rev. Jimmy Only, pastor of The Congregational Church of Manhasset (UCC).  We will look at the subject of faith during the midst of challenge, change, and crisis, and the role of community.   How can people reach out to others right now and why is that important?  Since 1994, Jimmy has been a minister at The Congregational Church.  He has a long term connection with the members of the church and community.   Please register for this event and ask any questions that you might have.  This will be recorded for you or others to view at a later date.


Bible study with the Upper Room Meditations

Join this group discussion using the Upper Room daily meditations provided to each attendee

Join Zoom Meeting

Thursday’s April 9th – May 21st



Seeds of Faith Book Group

Join Lisa Larsen Hill’s Seeds of Faith’s mission is to bring together communities of women to share, educate and encourage individual faith journeys. Using award-winning authors and speakers the focus is on how stories of women in the Bible can affect and inspire us today.

Sunday, April 26th  – 11:30am – 12:30Join Zoom Meeting

 Strengthening Energy & Resilience 

Adina Dabija invites you to experience Morning Qi Gong.  Get insight and guidance to keep your body, mind, and energy (Chi) flowing.  This is an ongoing series offered to young and old alike.

Tuesday Mornings at 10am


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