We help individuals build important mental muscles to increase resilience and recovery from stress, increased cognition, focus, concentration, compassion, and insight.  We offer the tools to build this mental awareness and intention, individually, one-on-one, or group setting. We use course materials that are available in a classroom, conference room set-up, or can provide web conferencing.  Our materials are a combination of lecture, group dynamics, experiential, mobile apps, videos, and audio tools, to help individuals learn and experience mindfulness anywhere, both formally and informally.

Our programs cultivate an individual’s innate ability to be present, focused, aware, deeply attuned and engaged. A perfect antidote to environments, or histories, where stress, anxiety, exhaustion, disengagement, compulsions, addictions, disembodiment and burnout still exist or continue to thrive. Mindfulness offers a clear and accessible way to transform the lives of individuals, to be more present, to be inspired, as active participants in their own lives, in action as compassionate contributors. 

Our approach includes: 

  • Assessments (baseline) of requirements, goals, and opportunities
  • Educational programs, variable number of sessions, based on requirements

  • A nine (9) week program, consisting of 1-1.5 hours on-site/off-site virtually  

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