Develop Mental Muscles

skillful means to recognize and choose the desired path

The Mindfulness Institute offers mindfulness training and coaching programs to help people develop mental muscles, strength, to increase attention, intention, attitude, and awareness.  This strength based approach can help people quickly recover from behaviors that are self-defeating or challenging.  When people operate on “auto-pilot” they can get caught in an ever changing sea of ideas.  This is the “monkey minds” – which jumps from one thought and emotion to stories, memories, worries, etc. Caught by the anxiety about the future, or brought down by regrets of the past, we miss the gift of the present.  

Our positive coach approach helps you focus on:

  • Paying attention. To be mindful, to pay attention, to whatever you choose to attend to.

  • Present moment. The reality of being in the here and now means to be aware of the way things are, as they are now. 

  • Non-reactively.  Respond to your experience rather than react to thoughts. A reaction is automatic and gives you no choice; a response is deliberate and considered action. 

  • Non-judgment. The temptation is to judge an experience as good or bad, something you like or dislike. 

  • Open-hearted. Mindfulness isn’t just an aspect of mind. Mindfulness is the heart as well. To be open-hearted is to bring a quality of kindness, compassion, warmth, and friendliness to your experience. 

Developing mental muscles, helps you to develop the capacity to be present for experiences just as they are, with full awareness. By practicing mindfulness individuals gain the skill to recognize and choose their desired path.


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