Take this Mindfulness Quiz:

  1. Do your conversations, in staff meetings, or during one-to-one meetings wander?
  2. Does your attention on tasks, or activities, get easily distracted in your environment?
  3. Are you or others multitasking, moving from one activity to another and being productive?
  4. Are compulsive thoughts or irrational fears holding you or your people back?
  5. Are you or others angry or upset at little things and find it’s a challenge to calm down?
  6. Do you get into certain patterns of conflict with colleagues, or take issues into work?
  7. Do you get agitated, short, tired or exhausted no matter how many hours you sleep?
  8. Is there a lack of authenticity in personal or business relationships?
  9. Do you feel like there is not enough trust and openness in your interactions?
  10. Are you or others not engaged, and there is no joy in the creative process?
  11. Do you wonder what your life is all about, or what you’re doing?
  12. Does it seem like you run on autopilot and have less time to reflect on what’s important?
  13. Do you daydream and want to “escape from it all”?

You are not alone if you answered YES to some of the questions.

Technology and information overload, with the demands of our devices to “keep up” with the complexity of everyday life, can be overwhelming.  Self-judgment, unhappiness and a sense of alienation can cause uncertainty, destructive emotions, stress, pain, and disengagement.   Give yourself the mental workout and training tools necessary to move beyond auto-pilot, to recognize and choose other courses of action.


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