In MBSR Session 7, we look at the lack of compassion for ourselves and our society on the whole. It is at the heart of what I believe is the great dis-ease. It is in our discomfort, our sense that there is something wrong with ourselves or others, that we forget, or do not cultivate compassion. Up to this point in the course, compassion has played a subtle, but important role in our meditation practice. In fact, compassion, and especially self-compassion, maybe the most important component of MBSR - it’s the oil that makes the gears of mindfulness work. Without it, the practices are at best, dry, and at worst, harsh and counter-productive. At the heart of our lack of compassion for ourselves is the lie that many of us grew up with: in order to be successful, we must not only work hard, but we must be hard on ourselves. In this session we look at the role of compassion and how to cultivate it for ourselves and the world around us.

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