Our journey over the past nine sessions, which includes the initial introduction, you have taken your life through various phases of self-analysis, practice, trial, error, judgment, self-acceptance, compassion, loving-kindness, and other areas for contemplation. At this stage, you may feel that your practice is still fairly new and you may not all feel confident or ready to “go it alone”. This is entirely normal and understandable but it is also an opportunity to truly make these practices your own and to integrate them more fully into your lives. You need to continue to trust yourself, to keep on keeping on, both formally and informally. As the Buddha said if you are not for you then who will be?

Trusting yourself is an essential element of creating an on-going practice that is sustainable. When traveling on a plane, they tell you that you need to put your oxygen mask on first, should the plane go down. You also need to weave your parachute to make sure you have a way to land when stress, turbulence, or tragedy show up at your door. Our practice can help sustain us through difficult times, with resilience and perspective.

#1 - Workbook - Be sure to look over this workbook module to unpack questions specific to how you might integrate the past 8 weeks into your life, to trust and let go. If you have not already, please print the entire series and review the materials thus far. This has been an investment of your life and the

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