This week we further explore the nature of "autopilot" and how we can stay present without judgment.
Judgment can take us out of the present moment and put us into regret or anxiety. By practicing non-judgment, we can be fully present, truly awake to the fullness of our lives. Our attitude for this week is that of non-judgment.
Your assignments focus on helping you to notice how judgment and automatic pilot frequently pulls you out of the present moment, into a place of judgment. This is usually triggered by a reactive response to dissatisfaction, wanting to fix or grasp something, or wanting something to change.
#1 - Download the PDF for this week on Staying Present and Judgment. It shows us how judgment is like a pair of glasses or a filter from which we see the world. We see the world through the glasses of our judgment. We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are. A judgment stems from our beliefs (“Uneducated people are stupid”, “I’m always unlucky”, “A man is not supposed to cry”) or norms (“One celebrates Christmas with family and friends”

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