During session 4 we look at acceptance. We do this by tuning into the physical sensations in our bodies, where problems are most strongly felt. Aversion, or non-acceptance, could show up as actual pain or discomfort, or it could be a place where tensing or bracing occurs (thoughts, feelings, embodiment) This is where a “felt sense” of the non-acceptance may be experienced. We learn how to bring attention to this non-acceptance. We learn how to bring it into the light, to look at it objectively, to breathe into it with a focus on the breath.

In this way, we look at acceptance as a letting go of our fight against reality. The term “radical” is used to imply acceptance has to come from deep within and has to be complete. Acceptance is the only way out of the hell that torments so many. It is the way to turn suffering, or pain that cannot be tolerated, into the pain that can be tolerated.

#1 Reading - this week's reading is provided below. just click the image to open and download the manual. Print it and keep it in a safe place. Make notes and review this week's presentation as well. In this session, we explore how acceptance comes into our daily lives, as we encounter various pleasant or unpleasant experiences. We may receive a kind email from an old friend, have a delightful conversation with a colleague or receive a nice compliment. However, less pleasant or even distressing events are part of our daily experience as well, for instance, we get stuck in a traffic jam, have a dispute with a colleague, or must complete a task we don’t feel like doing. It is undeniable that life brings about both pleasant and unpleasant experiences.

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