During this week we look at striving too hard to attain our goals. Is this possible? Living constantly in the future without being present, to the gifts that life offers us all, can have us anxious and filled with anxiety. Many of us are consistently setting new goals than getting caught up in future-oriented events without enjoying the current moment, the present. Is that you too?

We need goals though, right? Having a goal can be a crucial part of our daily focus. We pursue higher education to work in a chosen profession. We boil water to drink coffee.. We travel with the goal to arrive at a destination, etc.. Correct?

There are many different types of goals. Some goals are abstract and far away (“I want to be successful”), while others are concrete and relatively close (“I want to be done writing this article before 5 o’clock tomorrow”). One aspect that all goals have in common is that they all deal with the future. They are future-oriented.

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