During this week we look at the practice of listening, silence, and compassion. If we are to immerse ourselves more deeply into the mindfulness practices, using silence and compassion as the vehicles offer us an opportunity to get out of our heads and into our own hearts and then those of others. As you go into your week, look at the opportunity to spend time with yourself, in nourishing ways. Change your perspective, in gentle ways, to see the structure of your thoughts. Do you think your thoughts, or do your thoughts think you?

Silence might be thought of as the space between the raindrops, or pause between the words in a sentence. Once we listen to the silence we deepen our experiences of moments, noticing the spaces between the thoughts and words, origin, and destination. We explore listening to the world around us, to our minds, with silent compassion.

#1 Download the pdf. Use your time wisely. Do your best to become a witness to your thoughts, emotions, and body. Open your awareness to others, by practicing silence as a part of your mindfulness practice, and recognize that which arises inside you and around you. This will require that you practice quiet, in a way in which you are economical with your words, noises, devices, etc. Be attentive to your breath, your body, and your mind over the next week.

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