By this time in the course you've already had over 7 sessions to take in a lot of information to define your life and character. So, for me to ask this question might seem a bit out of line. But here goes...who are you and are you taking care of yourself?

We might look at Self Care and the Ego and feel defensive about being asked the question. What do you mean, who am I?. Many of us have defined our lives by our work, our money, our families, our education, our height, our weight, etc., Yet we are often challenged to stop and question ourselves, our relationships, our beliefs, our work, our sense of self-identity. We may feel a sense of fear if we think that we are not the sum total of our acquisitions, job, education, etc.

Throughout this course, we were asked to simply practice the art of being. For some of us, just being was a hard thing to do. We had no time, we didn't understand, we did not "get it." Whatever our excuse was, the fact is that we did not take time to be, to be without the story of doing, is something to be examined. What is it about just simply being that is so hard?

What role do judgment, our familiar stories, and our need to hold on to an old narrative play in our ability to just be?

#1 Download the workbook and begin session 7. We look at the Ego and the role of Self-Care. We look at how the Ego, this sense of self, can drive us to define ourselves, based on a perception of reality that we have adopted, yet, at times, does not serve us. This module asks us to look beyond self-limiting belief systems and change our perspectives of who we are, given the need for change.

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