Mindfulness-Based 8-Weeks Distance Learning

Course Content

This is an eight-week online course, where you learn the basics of mindfulness and get tools to build your practice.  Each week we spend 1.5 hours live and provide you with information with videos, readings, reflections, and guided mindfulness practices.  We provide you with access to the research, neuroscience, and insights on mindfulness, on the brain, emotion regulation, wisdom traditions, and compassion.  This course is facilitated by Keith Fiveson, a highly skilled experienced facilitator, who helps direct the learning process, with insights and answers to questions, with feedback and understanding of current research and data.  

This intention of this course is to introduce you to the concepts of mindfulness and meditation to provide you with the basis for a mindfulness practice one minute, one hour, one day at a time.  Regardless of your background with mindfulness or meditation, you are welcome to experience this course, which will be helpful and supportive.


8-Week Program

$295.00 Registration

SAVE 34%  $195.00 
register before 11/15
8 weekly 1.5-Hour 
Remote Call Sessions


UPCOMING DATES:   Mondays January 4th – Feb 8th, 2018

Week 1

Beginner’s Mind   Introduces you to the essence of Mindfulness & Awareness

Week 2

Overcoming Obstacles  What you resist persists facing your challenges with attention

Week 3

Staying Present    Learning skill and tools to move from judgment meta cognition

Week 4

Learning Acceptance   You learn compassion, triggers and reactions that hold you back

Week 5

Stay Clear – Your negative thoughts and feelings, learning to recognize and choose

Week 6

Listen & Silence – Move from the outside, to contemplation and calm space

Week 7

Self Care – Embracing your body, mind and soul for self-directed living

Week 8

Letting Go  Change your life, through an ongoing practice

Course Features

  • Ongoing feedback, printable workbook, mobile app, powerpoint, experienced guidance and ongoing feedback
  • Individual lifetime access to course materials,
  • Participants dedicate 2-3 hours per week for 8 weeks (self-paced)
  • Learn online using PC, Mac, or mobile
  • Inclusion into online community to learn and share with cohorts and other current and past attendees.

Group Enrollment

When you practice in a group you get the added benefit of being with friends or colleagues who can enrich your course experience.  Ask about a discounted course rate for groups of 5 or more.

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