The Hero’s Journey of the King, Magician, Warrior & Lover

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About Course

This course is a step-by-step process, where you will be introduced to the mythological template for transformation. It’s an ancient template that is found in every major spiritual path globally. We will start with a complete review of the mono-myth and then dive into each archetype that supports the journey. This course is specifically focused on men’s work, connecting the energetic forces of nature into our everyday relationships, with ourselves and others that we are in relationship to.

If you decide to enroll in this course, be aware you will be challenged. This course will help you to see how your life reflects the life of our hero, who ventures forth from the world of common day affairs into a region of dragons, supernatural wonders, and forces that can be his downfall. We look at how your life can be a challenge, where you can win a decisive victory (perhaps daily) and come back from mysterious and new adventures with the power to bestow boons of wisdom and compassion on your fellow friends, family, and others.

The Hero’s Journey has been written about for centuries.  Most notably, Joseph Campbell, a curious mythologist, brought it to fame during his interviews with Bill Moyers.   In the field of comparative mythology, most scholars invested their time exploring how one culture’s myths were different than another. Campbell, however, saw things differently. Instead of focusing on the many differences between cultural myths and religious stories, he looked for similarities. And his studies resulted in what’s called the monomyth – an illustration is provided below, which brings the heroes into the journey. This is when life opens us to challenges, with a renewed appreciation of the gifts we’ve given.  

This course covers the complete meaning of The Hero’s Journey as outlined in our diagram below:

The Hero’s Journey Map

Discover Four Archetype

The King

We will look at both the Light & Shadow aspects of the King, the source of order, or the kingdom’s disruption. If he is a wise and just king, the kingdom prospers; people eat well and are safe from harm.

The Magician

We will investigate the role of the Magician, who is the wise man, the sage, the knower of secrets. Yet there is a dark side to him and the shadow aspect which allows him to navigate the inner worlds, dynamics of energy, flow, and the interconnection to the world of material, form, and matter.

The Warrior

The Warrior - KWML

We will review the Warrior, who, at his best, is a powerhouse of energy, the source of which is a transpersonal commitment. He is extremely loyal to his warrior code – which is his honor – and to the king, who, in mythology, represents his purpose. At his worse, he is a sadist and bloodthirsty, without a cause and no honor, who takes no prisoners and shows no mercy.

The Lover

Finally, we look at the Lover’s role, who is so well attuned to the realm of the senses and worships beauty. He is a musician, poet and artist, and a lover of all things, both inner and outer. In his shadow, the Lover so attuned suffers from the shadows of anger, regret, childish feelings of attraction, and selfish rage.

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What Will You Learn?

  • This course is designed for men, and while women can take it, the focus is on male archetypes and the understanding of the mono-myth that applies to various situations in life.

Course Content

Module 1 – The Hero’s Journey
In this module, we will look at the various causes and conditions that surround the Hero's Journey. We will explore the various steps and stages that await each individual that embarks on the hero's journey.

  • Lesson 1 – The Search for Meaning

Module 2 – The King’s Kingdom on Earth
In this module, we explore the King archetype. He is the source of order in the kingdom. If he is a wise and just king, the kingdom prospers; people eat well and are safe from harm. In the kingdom of the wise king, laughter rings through the lands. The crops shoot up high, joyful celebrations keep the woods awake, merchants travel with overflowing carts to lively markets.

Module 3 – The Magician, Wizard of Creation and Deception
In this module, we look at the Magician, who is the wise man, the sage, the knower of secrets. He sees and navigates the inner worlds. He understands the dynamics and energy flows in the outer world. He is a master of technology, engineering, mathematics, mysticism, and logic. He reads the stars, navigates the soul, and writes the laws. He is willing to share information with others and help them to see what is needed. In the legends, he is the King’s close advisor, who stops the regent’s anger with cool rationality before he acts rashly and channels his knowledge from hidden sources. The Magician is the thinker, and all knowledge that requires special training is his domain. The Magician has the capacity to detach from events – the chaos of the world – and draw on essential truths and resources deep within him. He thinks clearly in times of crisis and enables us to take a broader view of things. He governs the observing ego and is the meditator that reveals the universe's truth, the shaman who communicates with the ancestors and stars.

Module 4 – The Warrior – Sword of Truth
In this module, we look at the Warrior Archetype. The Warrior archetype represents physical strength and the ability to protect, defend, and fight for one’s rights. The Warrior is linked to invincibility, loyalty, stoicism, and discipline. – The Warrior sets boundaries that cannot be violated and displays toughness of will and spirit and physical strength. He sacrifices himself (to death if need be) and is a conqueror of his own ego and physical desires.

Module 5 – The Lover – Fluidity
In this module, we look at The Lover and how this archetype energy manifests itself in our lives. The Lover is the mystic who feels everything as himself and the source of all intuition. Through his feeling capacity, he is finely attuned to people’s energy, capable of reading them like an open book. His desire for love and connectedness considered, feeling into other people, and discovering dark intentions is a painful experience for him.

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