A New Day Awaits 

Our lives are a mystery, what was is history and tomorrow is but a promise.  Right now, it is all we have.  It’s up to us to discover the path ahead, to grow and flourish in the face of a new day.  Breathe and start again, feel the rain, yes, and open up to the sunshine.  We practice embracing our awesomeness.

Mindfulness-Based Recovery & Productivity

Are you in recovery?  Are you in a 12 step program, dealing with alcohol, substance use or behaviors that take you from your desired path?   It is said that “we are spirits, having a human experience” and we all live, love, have a loss and suffer from aging, betrayal, and dis-ease.  Many of us suffer from emotional or physical ailments, aging, decline, cancer, addiction, misuse, or loneliness (a hole in the soul).  How do we find meaning in the face of loss, challenges, and obstacles, and commit 100% to live, to love and hope?

Our Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) program is designed for individuals that have already been to treatment programs, or 12-Step Groups.  We strongly support abstinence, and it is up to each individual to decide what, if any changes they make for themselves. Our MBRP approach is an aftercare program, where participants typically have already undergone treatment and may have clarified their own goals or have had to comply with the goals of the legal system or the treatment program.   We do work with individuals to coach and support them to become familiar with their goals, thoughts, emotional reactions, and behavioral patterns.   This might result in a reduction in or alteration of the pattern of use for some, and for others, it may result in complete abstinence

What about addiction?  What if you found that almost everything we know about addiction is wrong?  What if our thoughts and feelings and the opportunity to bond and connect was the key?  By connecting our insides with our outsides, we find ourselves better able to connect with others to show them who we are.  The video below asks us this very question.  It asks you and me to consider that care and inclusion, empathy and compassion, maybe the answer, and the way out of “rat-park”.  

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