Coaching Veterans 

Our Mindfulness-Based program for Veterans is an evidence-based practice that brings together hundreds of research studies showing how a regular mindfulness practice can have a positive impact on your quality of life (stress & anxiety, depression, performance, sleep, compulsions, addiction, etc.), PTSD and suicide. These are areas that are of significant importance to us in the veteran community.


We have challenges every day.  This is one of the priorities in our practice.  Our passion for offering mindfulness to veterans is personal, and goes way beyond research or books. We understand the impact of stress on lives, on their health and ability to contribute in a meaningful way.  Our coaching programs are focused on “turning-off-the-noise” and recharging to family, friends, and community.  One Veteran commits suicide every hour in the U.S. – more taking their own lives than those being killed in combat- we are compelled to help. This comes not only from a deep conviction that this is a genuine answer, but also from the experiences of our founder and clients whose lives have been deeply impacted ~ and perhaps saved ~ by developing and becoming dedicated to mindfulness practices.

Our approach incorporates the Health & Wellbeing model outlined in the image to the right. We look at values, and what really matters to develop Mindful Awareness.  Being fully aware, we are paying attention in-the-moment so that we can make conscious, proactive choices about every aspect of your health.

The diagram outlines a series of eight key areas that represent all the choices we make on a daily basis that affect our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our coaching and counseling services are one part of a professional self-care program that we recommend as a part of the prevention and treatment for imbalances, illnesses or dis-eases.  We also recommend traditional and complementary medicine, such as acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, and other mind-body therapies. The outer ring represents people and groups to whom we are connected, reflecting our communities.

Keith Fiveson received an Honorable Discharge from the US Army.  He is a Veteran who served in the Ballistic Missle Defense Communications Activity (BMDCA) in the USA and Germany.

Components of Proactive Health & Wellbeing


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