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Happiness Requires Courage and Work

Find the strength and courage to do the work required to recognize and choose a different path for yourself.  This work is not easy.  It requires commitment, awareness, and a willingness to experience emotional distress and pay attention to the present moment.  We offer a comprehensive and focused based program, that is different for each individual, based on needs. 

You cannot drive through life looking in a rearview mirror

Our work is based on science, and logic, mixed with passion and commitment.  We are committed to helping you overcome the challenges that always come with change.  Our efforts involve face-to-face time, online, mobile and text to help you to build your concentration, focus, and generate results.  Dedicated, we want you to create the life you want, with a reality that empowers you to recognize and choose your relationships to people, places and things. Generate greater self-awareness and mastery over your body, mind, emotions, and embody the life that you wish to manifest in the present, right here and now.

Our first session “chemistry call” is free, to see if we are a match.  If we decide to go forward, you’ll receive ongoing support and mindfulness-based interventions (MBI’s) that have demonstrated reductions in a wide variety of issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, self-injurious behavior, and addictions, concentration, empathy, and a better quality of life.  Please browse our website, watch, download information, and find the life that you want, filled with wellness, peace, happiness and freedom from fear.  

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One of a kind mindfulness-based coaching

Your Personal Mindful Assessment – Health & Wellness Inventory

Online Access Mindfulness-Based Coaching Programs

Get access to presentations, handouts, videos, audio and individual or group mobile app for participation

Choose Your Journey

Different Programs for Different People

Health & Wellness with Mindfulness

Health & Wellness

Each client can select their path. Our 9 weeks of health and wellness program is a self-paced study program to help you live life fully.  Work on building your personal practice for mind, body and emotional fitness

Mindful Leadership and Engagement

Awesome Mind and Body

Don’t want to commit to a longer period of time? Our seminar, and series can give you insight and help you to manage stress, build resilience, engagement, and self-awareness.  Get fit and create great experiences

Eating Awareness Instruction

Eating Awareness

If you are seriously in need of cutting back, our ten-week program honors your path, and what we eat and how we love.  Being in our bodies through the help of a creative supportive program that connects us

Addiction Recovery & Life Coaching

Living into the Light 

If you need support and guidance around people, places, and things. This individual and group program focuses on giving you tools to practice safe boundaries every day, living into each breath in, and out, breath by breath

Clients have access to our mindfulness video library, powerpoint files, and comprehensive pdf materials.  Our programs are available via video webinars and offered to individuals, groups, and teams.   Please inquire for further information.


All clients have access to all modules, videos, eBooks and meditations

We Dedicate Our Lives To Riding The Waves



Clients Reviews 

“Keith is a thoroughly decent, bright, empathetic man whose insights and coaching helped me to find some clarity and peace during a rough patch in my life and gave me some tools to help deal with stress and anxiety through mindfulness. I would enthusiastically recommend Keith to anyone looking for counseling and coaching.”  – Dan G.

“I have been working with Keith for over a year now and can not recommend him enough for people who are looking to use mindfulness to better their lives. Keith has an extensive background in meditation and wellness and uses his experience to guide you to uncover what it is you want to make better in your life. I have really enjoyed learning to meditate and to slow down my busy life to enjoy all the world has to offer. After practicing for this time I realize how important it is to spend time taking care of yourself first and then prioritize helping others.” – Edward D.

“By working mindfulness, I develop my mental muscles, so I can strengthen my life”  – Mark J.

“It’s worth the time and money because the benefits can last a lifetime. I found the text messages and emailed follow-ups to be very valuable…”  Doris D.

“Your workshop introduced me to very valuable information. I learned life lessons…”  Andrea K.

“Very professional, helpful and understanding from the very first phone call….Will help in more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for all you have done.” – John G

“I was looking for some help with what I thought was a one-dimensional life challenge, and I came across Keith’s profile. As the son of a psychotherapist, I was intrigued by Keith’s mindfulness approach and wholly impressed by the time he put into the intake process.  After a few sessions, I became addicted to meditation, in part because I realized that it was the path to a level of calm and self-understanding that I hadn’t conceived of prior. I am certain that embarking upon the mindfulness path with Keith as my guide is the reason I stuck with it. If I had tried going solo, I would have almost certainly abandoned the practice.”        

– Zack H.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for the past year and all I can say is that it has been a life-changing experience. He has opened the door to mindfulness for me and continued to help coach me both in business and life. Truly a fantastic person and coach! Highly recommend!”  – Matt P.

“This workshop was a wonderful introduction. It taught me numerous ways to begin and continue with a formal meditation practice. Also, I learned some techniques to use when feeling particularly stressed.”  – Robert F.


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