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The nature of commitment is challenge

Mindfulness Without Losing Your Mind
Mindfulness Without Losing Your Mind

Every day, we do our best to help people rise above the stresses and traumas that impact their lives.  They wake up to the challenges of life and commit to change, and we offer them compassionate coaching to help nourish, regulate, and support their life’s journey. We promote and support them in developing self-care habits that strengthen individual performance, promote well-being, resilience, stress, and energy.  

Through our therapeutic coaching, we give people the tools they need to survive and thrive every day.  We rely on the wisdom traditions and neuroscience to empower choices that help lives define, recognize, and see real-life transformations. We know that powerful changes happen from the “inside-out” within relationships to our body, mind, spirit, food, and sleep. Also, powerful influences happen from “outside-in” relationships to people, places, and things, which “trigger” = inspire – or empower change.  We help people to recognize and choose to be self-directed, self-disciplined, and change their lives with integrity.

We employ Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, using R.E.A.C.T protocols (Rapid, Evidence-based, Altruistic, Co-regulation, Techniques) for clients dealing with implicit or explicit traumas due to histories or Covid-19,   

Keith Fiveson, M.Div, CPC, CARC

Thank you for visiting the Work Mindfulness Project.  I am the Executive Director and primary coach, working with individuals to address their challenges and those of our times.  In a relationship, we focus on leaning into change and transition to set the stage for life and its many ups and downs.  Together we look at ways to adopt a more conscious approach to the internal and external changing conditions. 

Living life from the “inside out” we look at how 1) body, 2) mind, 3) spirit/soul, 4) fuel (food), or 5) sleep/dreams, can feed and inspire us to transform and support our “outside-in” life areas; those 6) relations with people in our lives or 7) places and spaces that can inhibit or expand our 8) aspirational self to improve and grow.  Through ongoing personal dialog and practice, you strengthen, develop and improve everyday wellbeing for yourself and others.  

My bio is here, please reach out to me for a complimentary 20-minute “chemistry call”.  Check out our MindCloud below to get started. Invest this time for your own wellness, peace, happiness, and inner freedom.

Be Kind, 

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”     

– Rabbi Shemuel ben Nachman


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Health & Wellness with Mindfulness

Health & Wellness

Personal health and wellbeing are powerful keys to success. We look at bringing you through a self-paced study program that helps you live a more balanced life, as well as build a personal practice to enhances relationships. 


At Work Mindfulness 

Our coaching offers you insights to show-up and engage, to be of service, present to all of the possibilities.  We help you manage your journey, the stress points, build resilience, and focus on authentic experiences.

Addiction Recovery & Life Coaching

Recovery & Productivity

Misuse, abuse, recovery support, and guidance around people, places, and things. We, coach individuals or groups, to focus on developing tools, to help you develop safe boundaries every day, living fully in each breath.

Eating Awareness Instruction

Eating Awareness (Fuel)

In this coaching series, we look at what we eat, as an extension of how we love.  We focus on the sensual experience of food and the feelings of our bodies, our breath, and the life-giving nutrients that power our days.

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Client Testimonials

I have been working with Keith for over a year now and can not recommend him enough for people who are looking to use mindfulness to better their lives. Keith has an extensive background in meditation and wellness and uses his experience to guide you to uncover what it is you want to make better in your life. I have really enjoyed learning to meditate and to slow down my busy life to enjoy all the world has to offer. After practicing for this time I realize how important it is to spend time taking care of yourself first and then prioritze helping others.
Edward D.

Keith is a thoroughly decent, bright, empathetic man whose insights and coaching helped me to find some clarity and peace during a rough patch in my life and gave me some tools to help deal with stress and anxiety through mindfulness. I would enthusiastically recommend Keith to anyone looking for counseling and coaching.
Dan G.

I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for the past year and all I can say is that its been a life changing experience. He has opened the door to mindfulness for me and continued to help coach me both in business and life. Truly a fantastic person and coach! Highly recommend!
Matt. P

I have known Keith Fiveson for many years and I can say with 100% confidence that you will be grateful that you enlisted his expertise whether it be in the area of Mindfulness/Coach/ or Therapist. Keith has a unique ability to provide his clients with clarity and insights that will help them lead fuller lives filled with Joy.
Shawn N.

First off I would like to say how grateful I am for even here, able to write a review for such a wonderful person. Throughout my 10+ years of struggle with addiction, I finally decided to reach out to someone for help, I searched for hours trying to find the write person to contact. I finally game across Keith’s bio where I found I was able to relate to the same philosophies as Keith. Keith was very professional, helpful and understanding from the very first phone call. After I initial call, I decided to get a package of sessions that would change my life forever. Keith helped me not only with dealing with myself being comfortablw with myself, letting me know it was ok; that everyone has issues no ones life is perfect, but he helped jump start my new life and career. Without him I honestly don’t know if I would be where I am today. If you can’t decide on weather to speak to someone or if you are iffy about speaking to someone, trust me just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and I can bet my Last dollar Keith will help in more than you’ll ever know. I highly recommend him. Thank you again Keith for all you have done.
John L.

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