“Written with clarity and a passion earned through his own journey, Fiveson’s book offers an integrated approach that can help anyone on a journey of self-discovery.” Allen Salkin, a reporter for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Los Angeles Magazine.


The Mindfulness Experience – 8 Strategies to Live Life Now


Order a personalized copy of The Mindfulness Experience 8 Strategies to Live Life Now. This book is more than just an ordinary guidebook– this book includes research, resources, and practical approaches for everyday living that can help create tangible results using the Mindful Assessment Plan (MAP) offered at the end of every chapter.  International orders are charged extra for shipping and handling.

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Make your world a better place for yourself and others with eight key strategies designed to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine and help you develop your strength and power in the world.

The Mindfulness Experience outlines key strategies from yogi, counselor, and life coach Keith Fiveson to help you maintain health and wellness from the inside-out and the outside-in.

Using this guidebook and reference tool you can develop strength and power in your life - and thus find balance in an unbalanced world as you learn:

  • What mind and body practices can help, heal and manage stressful situations
  • Which exercises can improve your body and mind, increasing your energy, strength, along with improving mental and emotional resilience
  • When to use mindfulness exercises to generate inspiration, meaning, and purpose, to find comfort and strength when things get tough
  • Which foods and eating, sleeping, and resting habits impact your emotional well-being, body, mind, and cognitive capabilities
  • What changes to the colors, sounds, or elements in your environment can improve your life, and relationships
  • How to develop healthy intimate relationships with friends and family, using safe boundaries
  • How to maintain a balance between your work and your personal life, so you can focus on areas that generate more physical and mental energy

With the specific guidance found in this mindfulness manual, along with the quick check-in assessments at the end of each chapter, you will become more energized and empowered as you learn how to live a stress-free life.

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