This article is about how technology, artificial intelligence (AI), human compassion interact with each other when it comes down to is providing the best possible mindful experience.

The future of customer service lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using AI in customer service is not new. It has been around for decades, but it was only recently that the technology became more affordable and accessible to businesses with limited resources or those who are just starting out on their journey as an entrepreneur!

The reason this happened? We’re living through a time where Artificial Intelligence (AI can replace outsourcing of jobs overseas and that is a good thing for business, but a bad thing for globalization. The race is on and while the US leads the world in the use and development of AI, China, and the European Union are not far behind. The US leads in key areas such as investment in start-ups and research and development funding.

Humans are social animals, and we have evolved to be highly empathetic. We often feel empathy for other people who share similar circumstances as us, but this has led to some of the world’s most pressing issues. People with limited resources may empathize with those who suffer from poverty or hunger while forgetting that they themselves are in a difficult situation. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to use artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can help customers solve their problems more efficiently by providing them with information about different services available and how much they will cost them without having to speak on the phone or wait on hold for hours on end!

This is where artificial intelligence and compassion intersect. AI systems can be programmed to respond with empathy, understanding how the customer feels in that moment by using emotional data collected from previous interactions or even just their tone of voice! This type of information helps emotionally intelligent agents to provide a more personalized experience for each individual who needs help when they call into your company.

When your customer service representative answers the phone, they can use the data collected to understand how best to help that person. They will be able more effectively work with frustrated and angry callers who have service or product issues but have not yet reached their breaking point. For some callers issues might be too much of an emotional burden on them – this would allow you to offer empathy, if your agents are prepared.

If you’ve developed mindfulness and emotional intelligence, your agents and team members will have the tools to enhance customer or client experiences. “The Mindfulness Experience” ensures that your company’s service agents are trained to use mindfulness and emotional intelligence in order for them not only provide better customer care but also have a more fulfilling experience themselves at work!

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