It’s no secret that customer experience is very important to businesses. The customer experience can be defined as the totality of a person’s perceptions and responses that are associated with an organization or its products, services, employees, and operations. However, there are many challenges that come with improving the customer experience- for example service issues (e.g., long wait times, rude staff), cost of engagement (e.g., lack of availability), and mistakes by workers (e.g., lost productivity).

In order to improve your customers’ experiences you need to take three steps: 1) Implement a program for mindfulness in your workplace; 2) Improve training on policies; 3) Encourage collaboration between workers and management.

Mindfulness in the workplace is a great way to help customers feel more comfortable. According to Dr. Fadel Zeidan, “mindfulness training has been shown to reduce stress and promote feelings of happiness.” This will lead your employees to be happy, relaxed, and patient with their clients which will show through their interactions. If you’re looking for employees who have an active interest in mindfulness and meditation, you can host a group to help lead the initiative.

Improving training on policies is also essential for customers’ experiences. According to Dr. Zeidan, “in addition to emotional regulation skills such as regulating stress or anxiety levels, employees who received mindfulness-based cognitive [behavioral] therapy had a clearer understanding of the consequences of their choices.” This will help them be more aware and understanding about what they are doing or saying, which can lead to better customer service.


-Hire employees who have a strong interest in mindfulness practices

-Provide training on policies for employees that leads to an increased awareness of potential opportunities to provide better customer service

-Encourage employees to use tools like mindfulness, meditation, and time for reflection during work hours as well as on their own

Incorporate the following steps into your workplace in order to create a more mindful environment. This will help cultivate positivity among customers which will strengthen relationships between them and you!

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