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Our men’s work is complex, it’s deep, it’s different. Today men have more options, they face a variety of roles and requirements to suit up, show up, shut up, and come out as their authentic selves.  The various rituals that have guided boys to men have changed.  Yet the map that guides them is the same. The Hero’s Journey is the “mono-myth” that we employ as we frame our work together.

Our work dives into the psychology and mythologies of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Carol Pearson and Robert Moore.  We dive into the great myths and legends of King, Warrior, Magician and Lover archetypes and look at the power of the light and dark energies, and how we may better use them in our lives.

Our Men’s Mindfulness practice will further strengthen our recognition, choices, and help us on an individual level to define our own roles as mentors, or guides to endure the road of trials and tribulations that present themselves to us in the everyday world of family, work, friends and relationships.




THE King 

In our work together we look at the mature King archetype, which is the source of order in the kingdom. If the King is a wise and just king, the kingdom prospers; people eat well and are safe from harm. In the kingdom of the wise king, laughter rings through the lands, the crops shoot up high, joyful celebrations keep the woods awake, merchants travel with overflowing carts to lively markets. The King is the harmonizing principle, the subjugator of chaos, one who unites opposites. He is the channel through which the gods communicate, and he channels divine blessings to his people and the lands (to whom he is wed). He is selfless, and puts the good of his people above his own needs. When the King grows weak, darkness threatens the borders of the kingdom; the sun disappears from the sky, and the crops wither and die. When the king dies, he knows, he is merely replaced by another in a lineage of divinely blessed kings, which humbles him.  Long Live The King!



We dive into the Warrior archetype energies. A powerhouse of energy, the source of which is a transpersonal commitment. He is loyal to his warrior code – which is his honor – and to the King, who, in mythology, represents his purpose. The warrior is not concerned about his own comfort and security in pursuit of his goal, as his training teaches him to live with death as his constant companion. The domain of the Warrior is the battlefield – be it a battlefield of war, of spirituality, or of moral ethics. The Warrior’s purpose is often to destroy, but the mature warrior destroys only that which is negative and harmful to the world. He is a master tactician, knowing at all times his limitations, and finds creative ways around them. The warrior is not a thinker, he is an actor, a fighter. 


THE Magician

How does the Magician show up for you? The Magician is the wise man, the sage, the knower of secrets. He sees and navigates the inner worlds, he understands the dynamics of energy and flow. He is a master of technology, engineering, mathematics, mysticism, and logic. He reads the stars, navigates the soul, and writes the laws. In the legends, he is the King’s close advisor, who stops the regent’s anger with cool rationality before he acts rashly and channels to him knowledge from hidden sources. The Magician is the thinker, and all knowledge that requires special training is his domain. The Magician has the capacity to detach from events – the chaos of the world – and draw on essential truths and resources deep within him. He thinks clearly in times of crisis, and enables us to take a broader view of things. He governs the observing ego, and is the meditator that reveals the truth of the universe, the shaman who communicates with the ancestors and stars



The lover is attuned to the realm of the senses and worships beauty. He is a musician, poet and artist, and a lover of all things, both inner and outer. He is passionate, and delights in touching and being touched. He wants to always stay connected, and does not recognize boundaries. He wants to experience the world as one ongoing big orgasm of hearts uniting as One. He is the mystic who feels everything as himself, and the source of all intuition. Through his feeling capacity, he is attuned to people’s energy, capable of reading them like an open book. His desire for love and connectedness considered, feeling into other people and discovering dark intentions is a painful experience for him. The Lover is crucial in keeping the other archetypes energized, humane, and in touch with the ultimate purpose of love. The Lover keeps them from turning dark.

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