Mindful Moves for Kids is a series of programs that give kids and their parents the opportunity to learn mindfulness.  Our on-site program is an interactive experience that provides several tools for kids and parents to learn how to be mindful.  This program helps to develop social-emotional awareness with our minds, bodies and the world around us.  This program offers early training and development for young children, kids in grades 3-5, or older in grades 6-8.  The program is very interactive, with lessons that are both physical, and mental, to strengthen bodies, minds, attention, social skills and emotional regulation. Our modules are ongoing and consist of developmentally-appropriate lessons providing the groundwork for integrating mindfulness skills and social-emotional learning, to embody healthy development.  Outlined below is the study, conducted by Mindful Schools, showing the impact of mindfulness after implementing a 6 week program, based on a sample of 780 children.  

Registration Information

If Interested Apply and Register. Registration is required (not all will be accepted). Second once accepted make a payment, prior to the first class.  This program has limited space for 12 children. Kids can be dropped off. Each child’s tuition is based on circumstances and availability.

Steps to follow for Registration:

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