In this training, we provide you with tools to build your mental muscles, resilience, and performance, by helping you to recognize and choose behaviors that enable you to reduce stress and be self-directed. To not act in ways that are self-destructive to yourself and/or others.

Click the link above, or the graphic below, to download this week's lesson. During the first week of this training program, you are invited to read the booklet provided. It is a comprehensive overview of the materials that await you over the next eight sessions (nine total including this one). This way you can approach using mindfulness in your daily life. Read this document and then answer the questions below. Also, while you are printing the document and reading it, please watch the three videos provided in this section. You'll find all three of them informative and insightful. These will inform your mindfulness practice and offer you insights into what you have to look forward to.

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