Mindful awareness is not just a way of “doing” something but a way of being. The more times you practice it, the more you are aware of what it is. Mindfulness helps you to transform, to see more and integrate more of the outside with your inside.  It’s like moving from black and white to high definition color television.  This broader scope, of seeing more “pixels” is about integration.  Integration is a positive psychology development that involves taking in all of the information in from your environment, without judging, to assist you to move past negativity, to process and often see a situation from many sides and perspectives.  This is called wisdom by many.

With mindfulness, you gain an internal and external processing capability that helps you to step away from the vehicle and see people, places, and things differently.  For example, you can say that you eat mindfully, but do you ever pause and take a moment to think about the “how” of eating?  Where did the food come from?  Who were the people that grew it?  How did it get to the store?  This kind of stopping and stepping away from the situation is responsible for strengthening your body and helps you to further integrate the body, mind, and spirit with a greater awareness of your connectedness to your environment.

The body and mind work hand in hand for you to experience clarity and well-being. As a result, you experience self-confidence, interest, and even become friendly to others. A sense of strength is connected to the sense of personal power. Personal power is as a result of the ability to get things taken care of. Therefore, if you observe this, everything else will start to make sense.

Mindfulness helps you see the reality in a different way. An example of a mindful practice that can help in the integration practice is STOP. It provides you with the ability to stay focused, alert, calm and at your best emotionally from the brain to how you relate to others. It introduces a mindful experience to help you when you need it most. It is a practice you should weave into your day to become aware of what’s going on around you or inside you, and help you move on with more transparency.

Mindfulness practice makes you more aware of what’s going on at the present moment. What’s going on in your body? In your mind? Your environment? It is very simple, stop, take it all in, and breathe. The practice also increases compassion (self-compassion and compassion to others). Sometimes the need for compassion calls us to stop and think everything through so that we can be able to let others in. It’s an all-purpose remedy to a very busy world. You can create for yourself an integrated experience of the mind, body, and relationships. You just need to make mindfulness a trait and practice it more often to benefit from it. Strengthen the body to free the mind. 

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