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Learn How to Be Present 

Those awesome moments in life, when we are most aware, awake and alive, would you like them more often, in the midst of loss, changes, challenges or transitions? With Mindfulness, we get to choose our path, with patience, care, and acceptance.  We get to choose how to be present, to see, be and act with compassion, in service to our best selves, as human beings endowed with extraordinary gifts.

We don’t have to drive through life looking in a rear view mirror.  We can be present, let go, recognize, and choose a new direction.  Our coaching practice supports clients of all ages, to awaken to calm, clear and connected moments in life,  We coach and counsel clients to show up, to explore what matters, to be self-directed authors of their own heroic stories. By being in service to our own dreams, and our own human beingness, we show-up for this lifetime adventure.

As a coach, counselor, and consultant, I work with private clients, groups, and organizations, so that you can capture more of life’s precious moments, in each day. We work on ways to show-up, to, look, listen, accept, collaborate and integrate.  We get to the “heart” of what matters, with purpose and focused intention. We look at relationships, career, life, addiction, recovery, and end-of-life considerations.

I invite you to join me, get cool, calm, clear and connected your greater purpose, to create new narratives.  

Kind Regards,


Keith Fiveson


P.S. I am available to you in person, via video, text or mobile  

Health & Wellness with Mindfulness Training

Sign-up for 9 weeks of health and wellness, to live life fully.  Work on building your personal practice for mind, body and emotional fitness

Health & Wellness with Mindfulness

Mindfulness at Work for Mind and Body

A seminar, and series that can help you to manage stress, build resilience, engagement and self-awareness.  Get fit and create great experiences

Mindful Leadership and Engagement

Honor What YOU Consume

Get coached during this ten week program which honors the body and helps to create a supportive connection to  substances that we use

Eating Awareness Instruction

Life-Recovery, Wellness Coaching

This individual and group coaching focus helps you to develop the tools that you need to practice every day living to the fullest breath by breath

Addiction Recovery & Life Coaching

Neuroscience Proves Mindfulness Works – Energy, Information & Flow

"For the first time we have shown there is actually a neurological reason for doing mindfulness meditation. Our findings are consistent with that mindfulness meditation teachers have taught for thousands of years."

-David Creswell, Ph.D., University of California

"Building mind-fitness with mindfulness training may help anyone who must maintain peak performance in the face of extremely stressful circumstances, from first responders, relief workers and trauma surgeons, to professional and Olympic athletes."

- Associate Professor Amishi Jha, University of Miami

"Our findings indicate that a short training program in mindfulness meditation has demonstrable effects on brain and immune function."

-Professor Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin

"The simple process of focusing on the breath in a relaxed manner, in a way that teaches you to regulate your emotions by raising one's awareness of mental processes as they're happening, is like working out a bicep, but you are doing it to your brain."

-Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., University of North Carolina

"Productivity rests on focused human attention."

-Jermey Hunter. Ph.D., professor at Drucker School on executive management and MBA

"It's fascinating to see the brain's plasticity and that, by practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing the brain and can increase our well-being and quality of life."

-Brita Holzel, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School

Clients Reviews

First, I would like to say how grateful I am for even being here, able to write a review for such a wonderful person. Throughout my 10+ years of struggle with addiction, I finally decided to reach out to someone for help, I searched for hours trying to find the right person to contact. I finally came across Keith’s bio where I found I was able to relate to the same philosophies as Keith. Keith was very professional, helpful and understanding from the very first phone call. After I initial call, I decided to get a package of sessions that would change my life forever. Keith helped me not only with dealing with myself being comfortable with myself, he helped me to understand that it was ok; that everyone has some kind of issue, that no one life is perfect, but also he helped jump start my new life and career. Without him I honestly don’t know if I would be where I am today. If you can’t decide on whether to speak to someone or if you are iffy about speaking to someone, trust me just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and I can bet my Last dollar Keith will help in more than you’ll ever know. I highly recommend him. Thank you again, Keith, for all you have done.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Keith for the past year and all I can say is that it has been a life-changing experience. He has opened the door to mindfulness for me and continued to help coach me both in business and life. Truly a fantastic person and coach! Highly recommend!”  – Matt

By working mindfulness, I develop my mental muscles, so I can strengthen my life”  – Mark

“It’s worth the time and money because the benefits can last a lifetime. I found the text messages and emailed follow-ups to be very valuable…”  Doris

“Your workshop introduced me to very valuable information. I learned life lessons…”  Andrea

This workshop was a wonderful introduction. It taught me numerous ways to begin and continue with a formal meditation practice. Also, I learned some techniques to use when feeling particularly stressed.

– Robert

Live and Work more Mindfulness NOW!

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